Thursday, February 3, 2011

Despite Diabetes.....

The most awesome thing we've done despite diabetes............ Speaking from Clifford's point of view here, there are many things despite diabetes he has done. But the most awesome would be take on a new sport, basketball!!! For the most part D hasn't affected Clifford playing basketball, except one time he kept dropping low. Despite D Clifford has put his all into learning a new sport and having fun with his friends. D didn't stop him doing what he wanted to do. And despite diabetes this Spring he wants to take on another new sport, Soccer!!

From my point of view as his mom. The most awesome thing I've done despite diabetes, is to keep him a happy, healthy, friendly child. It's been a challenge, his behavior has been a challenge, but in all we are doing good. Despite diabetes he's been a good big brother to all his siblings. (for the most part ;) ). And despite diabetes we are still living our life the way we want with a few new things.

So despite diabetes you can live a normal, healthy life. It just takes a lot of work, blood (literally), sweat and tears. But in all it's worth it to keeping yourself, and your loved ones happy and healthy.

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  1. Hi Bridget and Clifford-

    It is nice to meet the both of you! Reading your post almost made me cry. Parents of children with diabetes amaze me everyday. Clifford-Basketball and Soccer?!?! You go Clifford-diabetes doesn't mean you can't and you are proving to it and the world that you can.

    Bridget thank you for participating in the blog carnival this month. I can't wait to read more about you and Clifford.


  2. Great that he is active Bridget! I think it is so important to show them that they can do anything! WOOT!

  3. You, Clifford and your family are such inspirations!!! I admire Clifford for taking on basketball and I know he's going to do awesome at soccar too. And I admire you for keeping him so happy and healthy and "normal". I love to read post by parent's of kids with diabetes - because you give me a glimpse into the things my parents must have felt. Thank you for that! And thank you for joining in on the DSMA blog carnival!!

  4. Great post, Bridget! You and Clifford sound like such an inspiration, and I'll look forward to reading more down the road. I'm always eager to hear the inisights of parents of CWD who are such superheroes. Thanks for doing what you do, and sharing it with all of us!