Friday, February 4, 2011

The Steelers are everywhere.....

At dinner all I heard was "Here we go.... Here we go.... Pittsburgh's going to the SuperBowl"... Over and over and over....Clifford just had to sing it for everyone! Clifford is really excited about the Steelers going to the Superbowl. He had to decorate his snowman as a Steelers player. However he refused to have him named "Ben Frosterberger, ( the snowman reference).

He insisted it was still Ben Roethlisberger. They were having Black and Gold day at school and he is super excited! Here's to hoping he has a better day then yesterday. The nurse called shortly after lunch saying Clifford tested and he was 39! A short while later after treating he went up to 327, only to drop back down when he came in the door from school to 64! The rest of the day though managed to level itself out with nothing higher then 160 and nothing lower then 85! That was however until morning when he woke up at 213!

So here's hoping he has a good day at school and D stays in check and he can enjoy showing off his Steelers snowman to all his friends.

The girls had to get in on the black and gold action.

And yes MOM even I participated :O. I actually own a Steelers sweatshirt, why? Because my mom gave this to me a few years back and well I really like hoodies, they are so comfy!

(wow no makeup- barely any caffeine, and was up most of the night, plus didn't sleep that great!!) all that equals SCARY! Happy Friday!


  1. How bummed out was he when they lost? :(

    That was the first thing out of my husbands mouth when he woke me up from my nap tonight so I could check Lenny's bgs. LOL Poor guys.

    We had everyone decked out in steeler gear too! Well, Lenny forgot his steelers shirts at home on Friday before he left to go with my inlaws for the weekend, so everyone but him was wearing steeler gear :(

  2. He doesn't know yet :O. I need to tell him here in a few.