Friday, April 13, 2012

WEGO: Day #13 10 things I couldn’t live without

Today’s Prompt is HAWMC Day #13: 10 Things I Couldn’t Live Without. Write a list of the 10 things you need (or love) most.

Let’s be realistic here, you all know where this list is going, or at least you should have a pretty good idea.
The 10 things I couldn’t live without (in no general order)
1. Insulin (technically I already make mine, but I couldn’t live without my son, and my son needs insulin to survive, therefore I can’t live without insulin), well couldn’t live without my own insulin too Smile with tongue out But that’s a whole different educational lesson for another time.
2. My family: This includes Chad, my children (all 7 of them), Chad’s mom, Mom, Dad, Cousins(who I try to stay in contact with as best I can, so if one of you all are reading this, give me a call). Nancy (better referred to by the kids as G, she’s helped me in the whole process of becoming a better pancreas for Clifford, and is considered part of my family), and our church family, they are wonderful and have done so much to help us.
3. Caffeine: So technically I do not need this to “survive” but if I want to “survive” peacefully I need it. Caffeine is a must when you only sleep 4 hours of broken sleep a night.
4. Music: As I write this I’m listening to music (actually Forever by the Dropkick Murphys) I couldn’t survive without music, I listen to it daily. The kids love music as well all the way down to the twins, and the older kids love to run around the house singing bible songs they learned last year in Vacation bible school. I know they are really excited for VBS this year.
5.The internet: Yup couldn’t live without it. I work online, do most of my advocacy for diabetes online, and keep in contact with friends and family online, so definitely need it to survive.
6.Love: May be corny but I cannot live without love. The unconditional love of your children is wonderful, and the love you feel for them is equally wonderful. And the warm, inviting and forgiving love of your significant other.
7. Juice boxes: This one is self explanatory
8. Children’s laughter: No matter what type of day you’ve had the sound of your children’s laughter can put a smile on your face.
9. Potatoes: Chad will agree with me on this one, we could not live without potatoes. Love potatoes, and could eat them daily, I guess it’s the Irish in me.
10. God: Like I stated this list is in no particular order, so one does not come before the other. But God is a huge part of our lives and without him it wouldn't be too fun.

There you have it, that is my list of 10 things.

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