Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rocking as a Pancreas- At least for the day!

It's how we roll in "D" land, one day at a time, and celebrating the small victories which I intend to do through pictures!!! Yesterday was a great day for us "blood sugar wise", minus the low at midnight to kick off the night/day previously, we definitely rocked the pancreas game later on. We had two lows, but they weren't even horribly low lows. One at 7:10 Clifford came down and was 74, so we treated since he still had some time before bedtime. He then came back down about 20 minutes later asking if it was okay to eat bedtime snack because he was hungry. He tested himself and it showed "255", um yeah no way he's that high after 20 mins and only having 15grams, so I had him retest after washing his hands, and he was "89!" much better.

I had purchased some "Carb comfort" Butter pecan ice cream yesterday from Schwan's, and he was wanting to try some. For a 1/2 cup it's only 15grams, pretty good, however he complained briefly he was only having a half cup, then after eating it asked why I wasn't giving him his Humalog because he ate "ICE CREAM". So I kindly explained to him that he was only 89 it was only 15 grams, to be happy no injection for this treat. He argued a little bit (as he's 8 and likes to argue with me) but finally went back to playing his video game. At bedtime 8pm, he came down to retest and get his Lantus injection. Turns out he was 116! Not too shabby, but I will test later just to make sure he's still good to go. Midnight check revealed he was 155, 5am check showed he was 149, and wake up today he was 115! The one thing both Clifford and I have realized as of late, is we are going to start listening to "me". With three different occasions that were done how the D Team wanted them and resulted in lows that were not good. But onto better things.

So here is a little show of our little victory yesterday through pictures.

We ended with a 7 day average of 132! Not too bad for the pancreas game!


  1. That is a WONDERFUL victory over the ice cream! I'm ready to run out and buy some now! Natalie loves ice cream, but we haven't had great luck with it unless it is the low fat self serve fro-yo places, but it's hard to work the timing of that with shots. Natalie would complain about the 1/2 cup as well, but hey how great to get some at bedtime without a shot and keep such stable sugars overnight.

  2. I tend to save my yummy sweet treats for bedtime snack so i don't have to worry about bolusing or spikes. Ice cream is one of my favs:)