Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to School with diabetes

What all does back to school with diabetes entail? Right now it's massive loads of paperwork, including a 504 plan, a DMMP (Diabetes Medical Management Plan), quick reference guides for teachers on hypoglycemia, and hyperglycemia, An diabetes emergency packet for the nurse, and teacher, and numerous emergency contact cards. Not to mention a call to the 504 coordinator to set up a meeting with her, a call to the school nurse to set a meeting up with her to discuss new changes in our management plan. Then there is also putting his new supplies and kits together for school. That includes one kit kept at the nurse, and a small emergency kit with items to treat hypo's for his teacher, as well as items he keeps on himself in case of a hypo. Last year we had a few issues in the beginning, but this year I'm far more prepared with our paperwork and all other items that I hope everything goes smoothly. It's a bit of work in the beginning but will pay off in the end when everyone is on board with his care.

We recently as of yesterday have a new care regime with carbohydrate counting, and correction doses, instead of the old fashioned sliding scale. This is the next step to getting on the insulin pump. We'll do this for 6 months then review and see if we are ready for the pump. It's an exciting new venture for Clifford. Back to school time is stressful, but I think everything will work out in the end.

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