Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3am battle, to treat or not to treat..... OH yeah an a A1c Update!

I've become so accustomed to waking up and doing night checks at 12 am and 3 am lately, that I wake up right before the alarm goes off. I figured for the most part we would be running a bit higher last night, since bedtime snack was banana cake with vanilla icing for Ethan's birthday.. However I did not foresee a battle at 3 am with myself trying to decide whether to treat or leave him ride it out. At midnight he was 173, a bit higher then I would like during the day but a number at night that I find just fine. I figured with his past trends the last few night's by 3 when his Lantus hit it's peaking point he would drop at least 20 more. Boy was I a bit off. At 3am, or 2:53 to be exact, since I woke up without the alarms assistance, he was 123!. Well that is an awesome number, but left me questioning whether I should give him some assistance in keeping up during the night, or let him ride it out. I decided on the latter. Now the question remains, how did my decision pan out??? Well I just tested him and his waking number is 96!!! BEAUTIFUL! I really hope that is the start of a great bs# day! (Yuck picture you really can't tell as it's on the webcam, Bad Bridget for not charging the camera, however there is our pretty 96!!).

Oh yes and an updated A1c, our last endo app 8/16 Clifford's A1c went from 7.3% to *drum roll please* 6.8%!!!! I am beyond estatic, as you can tell by the fact that it's over a week from said app and I'm still gushing about it.


  1. Congrat's. on the great A1C.. :)
    and the nice breakfast number!!

  2. This post is so helpful! I am always trying to figure out the right # for her to be at the 2am check and not have to give juice. Lately if she is around 120-130 at 2am, we don't have to give a snack. But that all changes if we have just increased lantus...that could still be too low at that time! It's so hard to figure out. Glad I am not alone in this though. Oh, and same for bedtime snack. I give too little, so I increase the next night and it's too much! Uggh!

  3. Oh and awesome A1C! We are slowly working our way in that direction.