Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A smooth night.

Last night was one of those nights where I decided to listen to the docs and not do the overnight checks. In the past this has come back to bite me in the hiney, however last night proved good. Clifford did wake up around 3:45 saying he was dizzy. He was sitting at 91, which is quite a beautiful number. He was however a bit snippy and upset with me when I said for him to go back to sleep. He felt that he would drop lower and to him me not treating the 91 was not sitting well at all.

Honestly it was a decision I battled in my head before telling him to go back to sleep. I took into account it was almost 4am and around 4 and 5am he spikes up a bit thanks to our good friend the dawn phenomenon. I didn't want to risk treating the 91, and him spiking then he wakes up extremely high. We've been battling highs the last few days for what seemed like no reason. I figured he may be getting sick or going through another growth spurt. Bedtime rolled around last night and he was 102! (Phew, a sigh of relief) after two days of 250+ highs, with no normal numbers in site, this was great to see.

I decided to check on him to make sure I made the correct decision with sending him back to sleep, without treating. An hour and a half later he's sitting at 116. Which you can see he spiked from 91 to 116!. This gives me hope he will wake up with a nice number here in the next hour. However as we all know that is just hope, and no one knows what D has in plan for us. I can only ask that after battling highs and a crabby boy for no reason that D lays off and lets him enjoy his dad at school.

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  1. I'm a big believer in nighttime also bites me in the butt when I skip them. But I also know that there needs to be some nights off too. I'm so glad your night off was a successful one! You followed your gut, and all worked out beautifully!