Thursday, January 20, 2011

A quiet week....

In D land that is. D has decided to keep it's ugly head at bay at least for the most part. Yeah we've had a few highs, no lows *knock on wood* but for the most part I've been satisfied with the way D has been acting. Even through basketball practice D made sure to be good. The only update in our D land is that we are currently in the process of getting Cliffy on a CGM. This will be good for both of us, and will help ease my mind a bit with his overnight testing.

We have had many big events that haven't involved D at all. The twins are growing like weeds, Maggie actually started talking this last weekend. More of making little baby noises, but over and over gabbing away to her zebra that hangs from her play gym. She actually laughed twice yesterday too, so that is yet another big event. Annie is more concentrated on rolling over, she coos, but basically only to get your attention or her sister's attention. She also flips out when Maggie is laying beside her only because Maggie will not leave her alone. She is constantly trying to pull her clothes or her ears. Hayleigh will be going to preschool here sometime after she turns 3 in April, and Abby may go until Sept when she starts Kindergarten!!!. Not sure what I will do with myself when there are 2.5 hours during the day that I only have the twins.....

In all the week has been quiet, and those are the types of weeks/ days that I like. Can't complain, my kids are healthy, and happy, and I'm very happy myself, that is all that matters to me.

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  1. Sounds like a terrific week Bridget! Enjoy those twins. They sound delightful.