Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Learn the Symptoms to Prevent a Misdiagnosis

Type 1 diabetes can  be fatal if you do not understand the symptoms associated with the disease. Leaving it up to your doctor to diagnosis you child isn't always a fail proof method, because recently, there have been multiple cases of children misdiagnosed with the flu or another illness such as strep, that have fallen victim to the fatality of the disease. This should not happen, period! We should not be loosing happy, otherwise healthy children like Kycie Terry, or 4 year old David Michael Brown to this disease. A simple urine test, a quick finger stick could give you and your physician that vital information to save your child's life. 

During a sick visit, when a child exhibits ANY symptoms of Type 1 diabetes, this should be a mandatory test. During a child's well visit/ check up this should be a mandatory test! 40,000 people each year are being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in the United States, this includes children. The increase in the prevalence of Type 1 is increasing each and every year, yet we are failing to diagnose many precious children before it's too late, and that is unacceptable. Until it's mandatory for pediatricians to test your sick child for Type 1 or at their well visit/ check up, learn the symptoms and signs, educate your friends and family what to look for, you could very well save a child's life. While Type 1 can be fatal, it is extremely treatable. Kids with Type 1 can go on to live long, healthy lives with proper treatment, management and diligence. 

These symptoms are just the most common, recognizable ones, if your gut is telling you it's NOT the flu, or it's NOT strep throat, speak up, advocate for your child, and get them the proper testing and treatment they deserve!

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