Monday, April 8, 2013

If Your Health Condition Was an Animal.........

I am a bit behind on my Health Activist's Writer's Month Challenge from WEGO, but today is Day # 8 and here is the prompt.

HAWMC Day 8:
If your health condition (or the health condition of a loved one!) was an animal, what would it be? Is it a real animal or make believe?

Originally when I thought of this question and thought about Clifford's Diabetes, I wanted to say a Lion, you know the king of the jungle, the ruler of all, I get what I want when I want, Lion. But when I thought about it more, I really feel like Diabetes has multiple personalities. Because why it's large and usually almost always in charge, it does tend to let us get a grip or a hold on it from time to time. You know those brief few hours, or maybe even days where it seems like we got our shit together and everything is going great? Yeah, so I did some research to see which animals tend to have multiple personalities.

This may seem silly, but if Clifford's diabetes was an animal, it would be a MIMIC OCTOPUS! Yeah, you heard me right a mimic octopus. Until today I didn't realize there was such an octopus, but there is, and it resembles diabetes most to me, and let me tell you why. This mimic octopus is a super intelligent mollusc, that has eight arms each with two rows of suction cups, when they are threatened they will take the form of other animals by changing color, shape, and behavior to scare their predators off. 

So when you read that it pretty much sums up diabetes to me. When diabetes feels threatened that we got a grasp on things, and it's control isn't as tight, it comes back in for the attack, taking the form of this horrible, life changing disease to scare us off, to knock us off our tracks. Diabetes attaches itself to pretty much every aspect in our lives, hence the 8 arms with 2 rows of suction cups each. I picture diabetes just reaching out and grabbing and touching anyone and everything in it's path just to let them know it's there. * NOTE: I'm not the best drawer on Paint, but that is my vision of the Diabetes Octopus up top there..

You pretty much get the picture right? Diabetes is one bad ass, with multiple personalities that has a huge control issue!

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