Friday, August 10, 2012

Don’t let the numbers rule you..



One thing you will want to learn early on when dealing with Diabetes is you will never “ALWAYS” hit those perfect numbers. You shouldn’t live your life number to number trying to strive for excellence, and getting disappointed when it doesn’t happen. This is just letting the numbers rule you.

We test, either correct, or treat and move on. Obviously when there is a high after high, it really starts to get to you, but you have to try to bolus, correct, move on. Change site, inject, move on. IT’s your new part of your everyday normal, don’t let it control every aspect of your life, because in no time at all it will begin to feel like you have no life other than working around the numbers.

I say this from experience. We have days where we have great numbers, and we celebrate small victories, you have to in this life. Then there are days when we are hit with highs out of no where. We rule out quickly all the possible culprits, (bubbles in tubing, site coming out, ketones, etc.) then we bolus and move on. Just today after 2 great days with no numbers higher than 170, we were hit with a 305. Only 0.1 ketones, so we corrected, dual bolused for breakfast, and he was 123 at his 2 hr. check.

Diabetes already takes up so much of your life that you can’t let it take complete control over it. Try the bolus, treat and move on method, and see how this works for you.

Upcoming-Keep a lookout

Keep a look out for my upcoming post on “Back to school with Diabetes”. There is a lot of work even before school starts. If you are just starting out and need a bit of advice it may be helpful. If you happen to have any questions you’d like to have addressed ahead of time, let me know and I’ll do my best to get them answered for you. In the mean time check out “Back to School with Disabilities” this is an article I wrote that helps discuss a little bit of heading back to school with diabetes. Look for another one soon in further detail.

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  1. Completely agree, sometimes its really easy to get caught up in just one number or just one day's number.
    Worrying about it in my experience seems to make it worse. I tend to download my readings once a week, have a quick look at patterns and if required try and make one small change