Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Good with the bad….



As with life in the Diabetes world you have your good days, your funny days, and your not so good days. One thing I have learned in 2+ years of Clifford’s dx with Type 1 diabetes is you cannot dwell on the numbers, it sucks, he’s high, he’s low. The concern in lies figuring out why they happened and move on. The majority of the time you may never be able to pinpoint why they happened. There are 800 different things that affect your blood sugar, and only 3 are within your control (basal, bolus, and carb counting). You can’t take in account for hormones, moods, weather, stress, illness, etc) If you are constantly in worry mode you will stress yourself out beyond belief. So as with life, we must learn to accept the good with the bad. We’ve handled it and moved on, now time to kick more Diabetes butt.

For those of you who may not be familiar with what the above picture is, it is Clifford’s infusion set, this is what gives him insulin all day long. You can see that near the adhesive (white part) it is raised up. The little tiny tube that gives him his insulin (the cannula) is underneath there, when the adhesive raised up it pulled out the cannula causing no insulin to be delivered resulting in a blood sugar of over 400. Thankfully we caught it before ketones had a chance to rear their ugly heads, and it was site change day!

Point to this all is. If you are new to the D world, it may take some time, but try to not get too worked up and learn to take the good with the bad. You will have your moments, and it’s important to not let those moments become you. Not to let the whole issue with Diabetes take over every aspect of your being. Doesn’t Diabetes already take over our lives enough?

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  1. :( Boo to a bad site! But its true that we have to find a way to not let it take over all of our being!