Wednesday, May 16, 2012

D Blog Week: Day #3 One thing to improve….


Well that’s really quite simple now isn’t is…. Clifford’s pancreas!!!! I’d definitely improve that… Ah but we are speaking “realistically” what we can improve. And since we all know no amount home remedies, or moss on trees in Africa, can cure diabetes, then there’s no chance of realistically improving his pancreas…..

So “realistically” speaking I’d improve my ability to wake myself up in the middle of the night. I hear my alarm that I set on my phone for the most part, but there are days that I wake up in the morning freaking because my phone is off. I turn it back on to realize, no the battery did not die, somehow in my sleep deprived subconscious state I completely turned off my phone. I try, I really, really try to get up, and sometimes my body just shuts itself off completely until morning.

So if I could improve anything it would be my ability to wake up. I’m not a super hero although I do think I’d look really good in a cape, so all I can do until I sport my new cape and superhuman powers is to hope I hear the many alarms I have set for the night to help keep Clifford alive and safe!

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