Friday, March 9, 2012

The start of something new

I've taken a brief hiatus for a few days from blogging only because I've been a bit busy. Diabetes hasn't really given us too much of a problem, numbers for the most part have been pretty good, with few lows and highs. Night time numbers have done pretty good as well, so I cannot complain in the Diabetes department. We've recently switched to a new way of eating that is overall benefiting everyone. I've probably mentioned a few times in my blog or via facebook, but Chad and the twins are Lactose Intolerant, so they follow along with a Lactose free diet. There have also been tummy issues that have been plaguing most everyone in the home, and not just from an illness. So after talking about it and the benefits, we've started going with a gluten free diet as well. I have to say figuring out how to cook gluten free /lactose free is pretty tricky. I'm still new to it and slowly getting the hang of it. I'm sure in no time it will become second nature as well.

The grocery store was interesting yesterday too, trying to figure out what to get and definitely reading more of the labels than just how many carbs are in it. I spent a total about 25 minutes in the fresh foods section, getting many fresh veggies and fruits as well as some new ones to try, asparagus and brussel sprouts (not sure about these but Mom ensures me they are good with her recipe). The good news in all of this change in eating is that everyone is feeling better. It's been about a week now since we switched, there is no more complaints of tummy aches from Clifford, and I have to say I feel a bit better as well. I haven't had as many migraines as I was getting accustomed to, which was daily. In all I believe I only had 1 this week.

Clifford even packed his lunch for school today which was very impressive that he had a steak salad (spinach, not lettuce), with cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers. He had strawberries and blueberries as a treat, as well as an apple sliced, and the squeeze type of apple/strawberry sauce (both gluten and dairy free btw). And as a healthier option for his snack he had Buddy Fruits, fruit bites , they look like fruit snacks but contain only fruit ingredients and nothing else. They are dairy free as well, and the site stated gluten free, but further investigation on the package shows that they may contain traces of wheat starch.

So I as I stated we are only a week in, but I will be sure to keep everyone updated on how we are feeling as we embark on this new healthier way of eating from here on out. On a side note we are now only 7 days away from pumping.

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