Sunday, February 26, 2012

Illness after illness

It's been a few days since I've been able to post, reason for that is we ran into the flu with Clifford. And you all may know that flu and T1 do not go together well. For the first time I considered having him go to the ER because of being unable to get ketones down. This may have been in part because I was so exhausted. But I pushed through kept doing what I knew had to be done (water, insulin, peeing every 20-30 mins) and gladly those ketones were gone by morning. He is feeling better minus some tummy pain but that is to be expected after having the flu and getting sick. Good news is we have zofran on hand because his ped called it in for us.

On Thursday Clifford was still home from school recuperating from the flu, and his sister Hayleigh came home from Preschool with pink eye, nice little swollen eye all red/pink with nasty stuff oozing out of it. ( I know a pretty picture for this early in the morning). Well they wouldn't even have her come into the doctors because it's "Highly contagious" so they called and drops, and she is doing better as well. They were both well enough to go to their dad's for weekend visitation, and in part that was a good thing because Friday during the day I started feeling "off" really just out of energy wanted to sleep and had a huge migraine that wouldn't go away. I went to bed early enough around 9pm, but woke up multiple times because the flu had hit me. I think at one point if asked I would have expressed that I was dying. I even slept in the shower for a few hours off and on because the water helped my stomach to not hurt as much. Which if you saw our shower you may wonder how I was able to do that. I am slowly recuperating as well but still feeling like crap, hot to cold temp, stomach aches, want to go to sleep. However I have things to do and have managed to pull myself to work, and hopefully get the dishes done here today. It's also been quite interesting in caring for the twins while sick. I'm hoping my frequent handwashing and non-kissing them (which is hard to do btw with those cute faces) has helped to not get them sick. It may sound selfish but I'm really for all illness to be gone from the house, I wish I felt a little better today so I could scrub and wash things like a mad woman. With 7 kids, we've had almost 2 months straight of everything from the flu (multiple times, 2nd time for me in a week), chicken pox, 2 different strains of pneumonia, pink eye, sinus infections galore, you name it we just about had it. It's expected, but we are just ready for a nice break like not again until cold/ flu season next year please!


  1. I hear ya honey! I'm looking forward to summertime.... less illnesses! Seems every time we turn around, someone is sick! Hope you all feel better soon!

  2. So sorry you all have been sick with the flu. Glad you were able to manage it at home with Clifford. Feel better soon! Enjoy the down time to rest. The house and dishes can wait. :-)

  3. Sorry about the sicknesses! Hope everyone feels better before long, and I too can't wait until the summer-time gets here and (hopefully) the season of sickness goes away!

  4. Sorry that you all have been sick..You did a great job flushing out those keytones. We haven't really battled those yet! Hope you all get some rest and feel better soon.
    Love and prayers..