Sunday, January 22, 2012

Illness and Diabetes

I know I've posted a few times about illnesses and how they are usually harder to handle when Diabetes is in the picture. However I wanted to tell the story from my morning with Clifford. He started with a cough yesterday and complaining of a sore throat. Yesterday not much occurred other than he ran pretty high all day long, which is unusual for him to be really high at home. No matter the corrections given, etc, etc, he still was high. But we all know that is one of the downsides of an illness and Diabetes. So now the story from today. It was 5:40, Clifford wakes yelling for me, not saying Mom, no yelling Mommy! Now tell me what that thought puts in your head when your D kid is yelling for you. I stumbled as best I could running up the stairs after being awake all night. He's in the bathroom and yelling because he can't get up, he feels too shaky. First thought, "Are you dizzy, do you feel low?". Nope, just shaky and tired. I felt his head, my next reaction to that, and he was burning up. Come to find out he was running a temp of 102. Gave him some Ibuprofen, checked his bg# just to be on the safe side you know, and he was still high at 303. So I put him back off to bed with a drink of water. Come 8:45 he is still sleeping, unusual for him but heck the boy is obviously sick. At 9:00 I decided to go make sure he's still "sleeping", then decided to test his bg#, well he wakes up in the middle of me testing, not really making any sense at all. He kept pointing to my face saying he was fine and he was right here (while pointing to my face). First thought was he was low and out of it. Nope BG#313, then #353, tested twice to make sure. Had to go through the whole rounds of asking him his name, age, and where he was at, to which he responded "Outside". Honestly all this lasted maybe 2 minutes but I can tell you for those brief two minutes of him not understanding where he was or what was going on how scared I was. He eventually came too, and said I was being silly. I think I woke him up when I was testing him and he was just out of it from that.

But the point to this is that an illness with Diabetes sucks. There is no other way of putting it. The flu can land kids and PWD in the hospital because without food in their tummy's and getting sick they can have big dips in blood sugar that could be fatal. A common cold is a pain in the rear end because it sends blood sugar skyrocketing. And whatever Clifford has right now is a pain as well. With these higher blood sugars he runs the chance at developing ketones, which well we all know how fun those can be. Thankfully after checking with our Blood Ketone meter (love that little thing) we are at 0.0!

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  1. Hope you all get some rest and that Clifford feels better soon. Love and prayers..