Thursday, January 5, 2012

Artificial Sweetener

I asked the question about artificial sweetener to the DOC yesterday via Facebook and received quite a response. So it got me thinking more about it and wanting additional opinions from others. You see we're not quite two years into this Diabetes adventure. In the beginning we tried Sugar Free everything. Clifford loved to drink Crystal Light, Sugar Free Koolaid, etc, etc. However after doing some research and recognizing how much aspartame affected his tummy, I decided aspartame was not for him. The only exception to this rule was the occasional diet soda. I really despise Crystal Light, and really only for this reason. The one memory of Crystal Light that sticks in my head is from when I had to use glucagon on Clifford. He came down for a drink and was permitted to pour himself a cup of crystal light. I remember having to clean up the after effects of such act as he spilled the Cherry crystal light everywhere. While I was cleaning up this mess, Abby came running down and said Clifford fell in his room and wasn't moving. I ran upstairs to find him face down beside his bed, unconscious. After trying to get him to speak to me and getting no luck, I had to administer his glucagon shot. And I will tell you this, no matter how much training with the glucagon you have, it doesn't make it easy or helpful when your hands are shaking trying to prepare that HUGE needle to push into your unconscious child's body. He recovered from that hypoglycemic event and really doesn't remember much of it other than his short stay at Children's hospital. However I distinctly remember all the details. Crystal Light probably tastes great, and is good for a lot of people, however it gives Clifford tummy issues, mainly because of the aspartame, and well my memory doesn't help either..

So I will stop my rambling and get to the question. What type of artificial sweetener's if any do you use for yourself or your kids? For us the choice is beverages made with sucralose, and if he needs to sweeten up anything like cereal or tea, we go with sucralose, and stevia. I also give him the "real" stuff (shame on me) but he does get to drink orange juice for breakfast from time to time with the kids, and indulge in actual juice pouches, or V8 juices as well. I just make sure to include the carbs into the carb total and dose him with insulin accordingly.

And just because I'm really excited about it I want to share our overnight numbers. Clifford came home high from school 272, so after a correction and coverage of the carbs he was 97 at bedtime, he was then 127 at 11pm, 131 at 1am, 115 at 3am, and 93 at wake up this morning!! Talk about a good start to the day and GREAT steady numbers throughout the night. Small victories are great and I like to celebrate them even if it is for a short period of time.

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  1. I hate the artificial sweetener stuff too, but Natalie loves crystal light and drinks it a lot especially when she is high and we are trying to get her down. I try to water it down quite a bit though especially for the lemonade. You are so right about the red kind though...major pain to get out, even on the countertops. Yeah for the great overnight numbers!