Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have to admit the school situation with Diabetes has been giving me a headache recently. We have a temp 504 in place, temp being the school has it on file but I have yet to sign it because I do not agree with one part. The part where we're trying to get an aid for Clifford, still working on that will update as further information comes in ..

But I have to say our new school nurse is great and on the ball. I got called twice today. Once because the carb count for school lunch items was all funky and the total we thought wasn't the correct one. So she wanted to let me know the correct one. Awesome part #1. The second time being she was concerned because both of the Type 1 diabetic kids in school (Clifford and a little girl) were dropping low before lunch because of recess. So she wanted to discuss if we should try to get recess moved. Hmm this is great because if recess could be after lunch it will help with those highs we're sing at snack... So I told her just that, and she is talking to the principal about getting it moved. That is awesome part #2. I do not have to talk, and try to leave messages, get no response then keep trying over and over. She's going to advocate for this for the kids. I love it! Second week into school and I'm very pleased with our nurse, that gives me a sense of relief on that end. Up next our 504!!!!

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