Friday, August 26, 2011

Diabetes is a cruel joke...

I've come to accept that nothing with D is guaranteed. I've also come to learn how certain things affect Clifford's blood sugar. However, there are times when I'm just baffled and it really irritates me. Wednesday night was 'tiring' to say the least with a random low at 4am, and lack of sleep. With that being said, I was determined to get some sort of sleep last night. I was really hoping for 5 hours straight!

I pulled out all I could in my bag of tricks to make this happen, and it went a little something like this. Feed the twins good right before bed, check. Put them in warmer Pj's so they don't get cold, check. Give Clifford a good amount of a solid protein, and extra carbs to sustain a nice number, DOUBLE CHECK! I thought that would get me some sort of sleep last night. HOWEVER, D had something else in mind. Clifford was 83 at bedtime (lower but still a nice number). Instead of 50 grams of carbs, and 1 unit per insulin ratio, he had 75grams with at least 2 servings of protein (peanut butter). Peanut butter has been known in the past to help sustain a nice solid number for Clifford at night time. I could have placed money on Clifford having a decent number throughout the night. Before my bedtime (around 11pm) I decided to check Clifford and not wait until the 12am check. To my surprise he was 63!! After running and grabbing juice, crackers, and some more peanut butter, I rechecked to make sure it was correct, and he was now 50! The one good thing in this story is that he woke up and was able to drink the juice, and eat without much mess. We joked about how he got to get some good snacks the last two nights. He was asking how low he was, etc. I don't keep it from him, and let him know his #, but made sure to tell him not to worry about it to go back to sleep, and I would be rechecking him, and he'll be safe. After that brief conversation he was back to dreamland.

I waited around 20 minutes to recheck him and he was back up but still only 100! I just didn't like going to bed with him only being 100! So I gave him 2 glucose tablets to ensure he got up over. I figured he'd be a little bit high, and at that point with lows throughout the day and previous night, I could accept a little bit high during sleep. I decided to set my alarm for 1am instead of 3am to recheck to make sure we were sitting good. Well as I've said before I seem to wake right before the alarm goes off. So at 12:56 we were at 237! Again high, but I can accept that number. Like I said, D sometimes baffles me. The only reasoning I can think of the drop is the amount of activity right before bed, and it finally caught up on him.

It seems that last night D was playing a cruel joke on me and I didn't get the punchline to it. I am really hoping we don't have much of these 'Yummy late night snacks' when school starts back up, or that boy is really going to be tired.


  1. Sorry that you had a rough night. I find it frustrating when I treat the lows, only to find that it drives Ally high later on. It's a tough call to make, knowing how much to carb them up when they are low, especially at bedtime! Hope you get more sleep tonight.

  2. Like I already said, I so get it! I give peanut butter crackers at bedtime and she still drops within the first couple hours after bedtime, so I have to give juice, and then she spikes bigtime!!