Thursday, June 16, 2011

Diabetes Vacation

I took a 'mini' vacation on blogging and talking about Diabetes. Reason being is I just get burnt out talking D on a daily basis. We still live with and deal with D daily, but sometimes I just get tired of talking about it. For the most part D has been being good since the start of summer vacation. We went a week straight with no number higher then 172 ( A WEEK!!!!) that is a huge accomplishment in my book. Now since Clifford has been home this week our numbers have been awesome as well, all pretty much within range, except one higher waking number due to morning hormones, (Damn you hormones, I can't control you....)..

Yesterday however we had all lower end numbers with quite a few lows, 3 lows during the day and one overnight low of 66! I could absolutely, no matter how hard I tried wake the boy up. At one point I thought I did as he responded finally by opening his mouth and letting me give him pixie sticks, he even sipped on a Capri Sun as well. However this morning I asked if he remembered waking up last night and he had no idea of what I was talking about.

I was just a wee bit bitter last night when the low hit during my bedtime check of him. I was tired, only slept a total of 2 hours broken the night before, I had laid everything in place in hopes that the twins would sleep through the night and BAM 66! I may have expressed said bitterness with a choice of words normally not spoken. By 11:30 we were only up to 85, however instead of treating him some more, I did some quick math in my head, he can up around 19 in 30 mins, so my thinking was check in another 30 he should be up possibly another 20. And low and behold at 12 he was 121, he actually came up 24!. The 121 satisfied me and I laid down for some rest.

These morning hormones are killer to me because I cannot possibly control how his hormones are released and what havoc they will reek on his numbers. Thankfully he was only 165 at wake up time. The victory to me and well worth the lack of sleep even in my zombie like state was seeing him in the morning happy, unaware of what happened the night before, and more importantly Alive!

So don't mind me from time to time if I don't have a post for a few days, perhaps a week. I just get burnt out talking D 24/7.

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