Monday, May 16, 2011

Illnesses and More.....

The house has some how become stricken with a cold, at least the kids that is. Cliffy hasn't yet started showing symptoms but it's a matter of time because his bg#'s are fluctuating up a storm from good to high. All last week we didn't have a high waking number and today it was 214 with 0.3 ketones. While I know under 0.4 not really much ketones, but still much higher then our 0.0 or 0.1.

Just the fluctuation in bg#'s tells me something is coming on. I guess that is one positive of Diabetes, you can usually tell a day or two in advance from bg#'s that he is getting sick or will be sick soon. Thankfully the only positive thing from this "cold" to me is that it's just that a cold, there is no vomiting.

If you know about T1D and vomiting well, then you will know just how relieved I am that it does not accompany this cold. It is very hard to keep the bg#s up of someone who can't keep any food, (carbs) in their tummy's. With this cold we'll probably have some high's to deal with and maybe small or trace doses of ketones from the higher numbers. So it will be fluids, fluids, fluids, and probably some motrin for a fever. There is only a total of 14 school days left and I was really hoping he wouldn't miss anymore. After the winter this household has had, I was hoping we'd get a break from illnesses.

There were not one but two week and a half stretches where all the kids were sick. Clifford missed a week of school from the flu. Not just that but his bg#'s were being tested at least 20-25 times a day to make sure we could keep his numbers up from dropping, we went through a lot of pixie sticks, and juicy juice during that time, as well as one mini glucagon shot. But it all he stayed out of the hospital and I manged to flush out his ketones.

So here's crossing fingers, and praying he's not catching something because we need to catch a break in the illness department, especially when it involves diabetes.

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