Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back to Blue....

Unfortunately it seems that every few months I'm writing another post with blue candles and informing we have lost another young life to T1D. Today is a day of celebration for us as Hayleigh turns 3. But to another family across the globe personally connected to us by Diabetes is in mourning.
We go day to day, night to night, doing what we have to, to keep D at bay. And there are times when we get caught up in the craziness of our lives we sometimes put the fear of D on the back burner. Then something happens that brings that reality right back to smack you square in the face.

I've gotten better at not worrying as much about the "what ifs" of D. But once in awhile another tragedy strikes and it's hard not to start worrying about them once again. My heart aches for this family, and my thoughts and prayers are with them during this time. I cannot imagine what they are feeling. These are the times I start to question "why me, or why him" and what God's plan is for my son. But holding strong in remembering to counter my question with "why not me". If you start to question what part God plays in our lives with D, take a moment to read my post on "God and Diabetes". It is what helps me to get through times like this when my mind wants to ask the most obvious question when dealing with D.

It is a sinking feeling waking up to start my day by seeing this, it means that another life was lost due to Diabetes. The DOC puts up blue candles in
remembrance to those lost.

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  1. You are speaking the language of my heart Bridget. Thank you for that. (((HUGS))) to you and yours today.