Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Never a brain break with D

It's not enough that I eat, sleep, breath, and even dream of D. Nope, I have to have a 24/7 fear for my family. We all know the symptoms. Hayleigh started waking in the middle of the night for a drink, my heart sunk and it worried me to no end. Abby was sick and looking like she was losing weight, oh dear lord not again my mind thought. Now with the birth of the twins, I'm constantly watching, are they wetting too many diapers, are they eating enough. My mind really needs to take a break sometimes.

Now a fun game Cliffy wanted to play. Well I guess if you can call having a sharp needle hurling at your finger to get blood fun. He wanted me to test my bg# to see what it was when he did his. I felt like crap, headache, eyes hurt, kids just woke up (All 5) so needless to say it was crazy breakfast time but I obliged him. His beeps 160! Woo hoo awesome number. Mine beeps ... 239!! WHA???? to me that seemed incredibly high.

This sent my mind working into overdrive yet again, DAMN IT D!. I began to think well I washed my hands, it can't be that. What did I eat, drink? I only had about 5-6 sips of tea with oh yes a incredible amount of sugar! And perhaps the added craziness of the house sent my bg into hyperdrive. Decided to do some testing later and test my fasting bg#, a nice pretty 73 went across the meter, whew!

Before dinner yet again Cliffy wanted to play our "fun" game. Okay last time because honestly I don't know how he does it 10+ times a day but my fingers were killing me and I only put the lancing device on 1! This time Cliffy's was 227 and mine was 76, no wonder I felt a wee bit dizzy. I swear Diabetes is on my mind way too much, I wish for once it would cooperate and give my brain a break.....


  1. Never a break, even when we need one the most... sorry that you've been playing the glucoaster game lately, but I hope it evens out sooner rather than later for the family!

  2. SO sorry to hear you are having a hard time with your BG levels. I struggle every day to keep mine in line. When it gets to around 80, I start getting shaky and feel weird. You have your hands full, but with your doc's help, you'll get everything under control, I'm sure. :)