Sunday, January 9, 2011

D is one Ninja I hate!

Starting tonight's post off with something that I've been secretly saying to myself all day and I think it's about time to get it out. I F**king hate you D! Whew there that feels a little better. D and I are anything but friends but it seemed like the last week and a half we had at least been being civil for the kid (Cliffy). Well D today decided to to be it's normal assy self and throw Cliffy and I on a roller coaster of blood sugars. It all started at 2am with a low of 66, we treated and brought back up. I double checked him again at 5am and he was 123 (*whew*). 7:30 rolls around just before breakfast time I hear "mommy I'm dizzy". Well let's check, the meter beeps and we are 95!! And at the time I'm measuring the carbs for the cereal so we are good to go. Not even 10 mins later when I'm getting the last of breakfast out, I hear "Mommy I'm dizzy". I go upstairs to find him sitting down, this time it was slightly different he was shaking, meter in hand I checked and after the beep 35!!! I held his lil hand all the way down the stairs, held it when I was pouring the juice, just to make sure he wouldn't fall.

We finally got back up in range,126! Not too long after I go to check on him, he's laying down in his room on the floor. Well might be normal for some but the sight of him laying there sent me into heart attack mode briefly. He was fine, just bored. Thank god I say to myself, because with all the lows, the site of him laying there on the floor well it's just say very scary. This time when I check he's 52! Another drastic drop in just a short amount of time. Once we get back in range again, lunch time rolls around with a 160 (score 1 for us), an hour after lunch we're sitting pretty at 152! 10 mins later I hear the oh so common phrase of the day "Mommy I'm dizzy". *sigh* Meter beeps we are sitting pretty at 116. A short while later I hear yup you guessed it the phrase of the day. He is 88! Normally 88 is within range but at this time we are still an hour out from snack, so I say screw it and treat him just as I would a normal low, Juice and crackers. I believe this was the point in my day I was really contemplating some wine tonight....

To save from a 10 page posting I will shorten the rest of the day to this, I went through a 64 oz bottle of Juicy Juice all with Clifford today! We had many, many, many lows, the lowest being our 35 to start our day! I made the decision to give extra protein at dinner in hopes that would help, however D is being a huge pain in the ass and decided to throw a wrench in that plan by dropping him to 68 just a little while ago. This leaves Mommy to do some tweaking with decreasing doses tonight, and multiple checks throughout the night to ensure we are not dropping. This also means that caffeine in large, historic doses will be needed tomorrow to function.

You may start to question the Ninja graphic at the start of my post. Well I think D is in most ways like a ninja, it lurks in the shadows making you think everything is going smoothly, then *WAM, Karate Chop(as Chad would put it)* It knocks you on your ass and turns you into putty in it's controlling hands. D is silent, and sneaks around reeking havoc on those it encounters. And the most unfortunate thing about D is that it is deadly! Normally I'm a huge fan of ninjas, to me their awesome. However this is one ninja I'd like to see it's ass get royally handed to them.

The only positive things I take away from D's havoc filled day is I will be tucking my little boy in tonight, knowing we battled the monster another day. And I made it through yet another day battling D with my sanity and all my hair......


  1. Wow Bridget sounds like a rough one! I hate those days. Keep kickin' that Ninja's ass. You and Clifford are doing great.

    How's the wine? Did you end up getting some tonight? (((HUGS)))

  2. HOLY MAC.

    I'll have a pot ready for you at sunrise....hope you get some rest...and I'll pray for those numbers to improve STAT!

  3. Oh my Bridget! What a day! As they say...YOU HAD ME AT 35!!!! That would scare the crap outta me!! Hope you get some rest and a better day tomorrow!

  4. @Reyna, nope no wine lol. Decided not to.

    @Wendy! Thanks definitely had to have some coffee this morning.

    @Misty, TY. Hoping for better numbers today the night we were battling highs after lows all day. I cannot imagine how this is taking a toll on his body. Hopefully we get some good ones today.