Sunday, January 2, 2011

Changes in 2010!! The big D

I only posted 1 time in 2010!!! That shows you just how busy and how much my life has changed. One awesome change for me in 2010 was reuniting with my old high school sweetheart, Chad. It was the best thing that could have happen for my kids and I. It still seems strange to me that I can be this happy, and that he and I are together. But strange in a good way. Another big change in 2010 was Cliffy's diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. He was a normal, healthy, loving life 6 year old. Until , one day late in February when he got sick, with what we thought was the flu. After a brief visit with his dad, he was taken to the ER because he had gotten very weak, wanted to do nothing but sleep, and was extremely thirsty. Come to find out his blood sugar at diagnosis was well over 600+. He was transported to Children's hospital in a state of DKA. When I arrived he was laying there like a weak lil twig in the hospital bed. That whole first day was a blur, he didn't move, he didn't speak, he was hooked up to every machine possible. We were told he had diabetes. And up until this point I only knew or heard of Type 2. Which him having diabetes to me didn't make any sense. Until I found out it was Type 1, an autoimmune disease. It seemed like our whole world had come crashing down. The diagnosis followed with a 6 day hospital stay, diabetes nutrition, and education classes. I was told I have to prick a lil needle into my sons tiny fingers 8-10 times a day now to check his blood sugar, and on top of that inject him with insulin syringes 5-6 times a day. There was no practice on a dummy, no practice on an orange. It was watch how we get the insulin in the syringe, and poke him in the arm like so. And now your ready to go home and do this for the rest of his life. Without insulin he will die. It's not like other medications and you can miss a dose. We miss a dose and he will die. I couldn't imagine at the time that I would be able to give my son shots daily to keep him alive, but now 10+ months after diagnosis and pushing on our year anniversary soon it has become unfortunately second nature. We also had another big change in 2010 with the discovery that Chad and I were expecting Twin girls. On October 2nd, Annie & Maggie joined are already large
family that we formed after reuniting. In addition Annie & Maggie have 5 older siblings, Cliffy, 7, Eric, 5, Abby, 5, Ethan, 3, and Hayleigh 2. Long story short, we are sleep deprived, and function fully on caffeine alone. But we are happy. Happier then I've ever been in my entire life. There is only one thing I would change from 2010, and that is The big D! I hate it more and more daily and wish it never entered our lives! But it is our new "norm" now and we much accept it with open arms, and treat and care for it daily until a cure is found.

So goodbye to 2010, you brought with you a lot of great, changes, but also one I could live without! Here's to you 2011, I cannot wait to see what you have in store!

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